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Wine and Wishes 2015

Written By:  Raymond Castillo


On the evening of Feb 7, 2015, as many as 800 attendees traveled to Treasure Island for the 14th Annual Wine & Wishes fund raising event.  This was a celebration organized together with the city’s best chefs and local wineries working together for the benefit of the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area foundation.


Organizers promised a magical night and it more than lived up to expectations.  The first part of the event was held in Treasure Island’s iconic Art Deco Building 1 with local vineyards offering guests a taste of their best products and participating restaurants satisfying the crowd with their trademark dishes.  A silent auction was also done together with the tasting with items that included vacation packages, classic bottles of wine, and collector’s item memorabilia up for bidding.  The attractive items up for auction made it easy for attendees to participate in raising funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation.  Almost all of the items had several bids lined up before the night ended as the attendees’ generosity and willingness to help was on full display.


The fantastic selection of food and wine and the well-organized silent auction created a festive atmosphere throughout the event. The smiles and laughter exchanged by everyone who attended melted away the formality and pomp that’s associated with most fundraising events. It was clear that everyone enjoyed themselves and felt satisfied that they were doing their part to help the local community.


Personally, I had a blast.  The dishes I tried, the wine I tasted, and the people I met made it a night to remember.  As we left Treasure Island while admiring the iconic skyline of San Francisco, I knew that most shared my felt privilege to have been part of this event and wishing for the next one to come much sooner.


Not surprisingly, we all found out that Wine and Wishes 2015 was a huge success.  It raised a record of over a million dollars for that night through cash and in-kind gifts. No doubt that next year’s event will be eagerly anticipated and is bound to be another great success for this worthy foundation.

About the writer:



Raymond Castillo

Raymond currently works at Uber after a doing a stint in marketing shampoo and batteries for P&G.  He’s a frustrated writer who reads too many self-help books, considers bacon to be his favorite animal and one day dreams to have Anthony Bourdain’s job.



San Francisco City Lights Cover Image Credit: Joe Parks from Berkeley, CA via Wikimedia Commons

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