CES 2017 Vehicle Tech

cover credit CES – Toyota unveils new concept car at CES 2017
The annual premier tech conference held in Las Vegas is attracting close to 200,000 technologists from all around the world.


CES 2017 Vehicle Tech

by : Karina Mendoza Calayag



Credit CES

Vehicle Tech at CES 2017

Video of the cool new features being utilized in and by vehicles that are changing the way we drive. See the technologies that allow cars to navigate the road without a driver and interact with technology on the road for more efficient driving.




Credit CES

Vehicle Tech Interviews at CES 2017

The future of driving is on display at CES 2017.
Interview 1: Maggie Clark of Toyota
Interview 2: Nick Renner of Honda
Interview 3: Chris Brewer of Ford




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