CES 2017 Lifestyle and Family Tech

cover credit CES – Melanie Taylor performs her winning song at the CES 2017 opening keynote.
The annual premier tech conference held in Las Vegas is attracting close to 200,000 technologists from all around the world.


CES 2017 Lifestyle and Family Tech

by : Karina Mendoza Calayag




Credit CES

Lifestyle and Family Tech Interviews at CES 2017

Parents and children are using high-tech products to improve their lives, stay connected and keep safe.
Interview 1: Michael Polona, Moen
Interview 2: James Cannon, Sleep Number
Interview 3: Alexander Florio, Tilt
Interview 4: Dion Hild, Poof



Credit CES

Lifestyle and Family Tech at CES 2017

CES 2017 is where companies are showing off the technology and ideas to bring families together and keep them better connected. In this video, see some of the ground breaking tech that will impact families now and in the future.


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