Karina Mendoza

Karina Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Karina Mendoza majored in Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the University of the Philippines and while there got her introduction in the study of food and wine. Moving to the San Francisco Peninsula, she continued her undergraduate program at the College of Notre Dame in two more broad-based majors: Business Administration and Economics. Karina completed her education with an MBA from Golden Gate University in Information Systems.

A deeper awareness and appreciation for wine and the gourmet cuisine ensued having been immersed in the culinary world as a restaurateur in San Anselmo, Marin County (at the doorstep of the wine country) and as one who enjoys cooking and entertaining at home.

Beyond the gastronomic world, Karina is inspired by impassioned, impactful and iconic people, living or historic, and their work in the arts, fashion, style, travel, technology; and at the intersection of these worlds their influence on lifestyles and cultures.

Karina loves SF (and surrounding Silicon Valley, Napa, and Sonoma), ground zero for innovation and disruption. Alternatively, she has considered New York her second home, having found her heart captivated by NYC’s unfettered energy and vibrancy, the convergence of worlds, the old and new, and its own characteristic vibe.

An avid skier, diver and runner, she is also a goodwill and happiness ambassador. Hit her up on Twitter @KarinaSFONYC.

Raquel Guerrero

Raquel Guerrero, Contributing Writer

Raquel is all about family, friends, food, and fitness. A natural foodie at heart, Raquel is often trying out the many renowned restaurants not just in neighboring New York City but she also makes it her mission to food-venture in the many cities around the world she visits. Being the intrepid traveler that Raquel is, she is relentless in seeking new and distant places to explore for her next adventure.

Carla Sia

Carla Sia, Contributing Writer

Carla Sia is a 26 year old entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about start-ups, food, travel and any form of adventures. 03.11.2015

Nicole Forrest Green

Nicole Forrest Green, Contributing Writer

Nicole Forrest Green was born in Sydney, Australia into a diplomatic family. After completing her studies she left her native country for Southern France, where she lived and worked for more than a decade. From Cannes, to Nice & Monaco, Nicole enjoys sharing her vast knowledge of the Cote d’Azur and Provence with others, including its hidden treasures and delights. Actively engaged in cultural, heritage and environmental initiatives, Nicole draws on her contacts and experience as an organiser of VIP events for the business and investment communities, as well as with Sotheby’s & Christies in Europe. A fluent French-speaker, she is an avid philanthropist and promotes cross-cultural partnerships and cross-border investment initiatives within the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

Christina Dunham

Christina Dunham, Contributing Writer

is a dromomaniac, bibliophile and sociaholic who doesn’t just savor life, she devours it with manic passion, indulging a limitless appetite for adventure and new experiences. She enjoys writing, performing, and martial arts and has authored numerous articles on food, lifestyle and entertainment for local and national publications, in addition to having produced, written and hosted dance shows and news & entertainment programs on television.

On some weekends, you can find her rocking Bay Area venues as lead singer for an SF-based cover band. You can find her behind a desk by day as Marketing & Communications Swiss Army Knife for HealthTap. A true wanderluster, she has visited 18 countries in the last 20 years, and fully intends to eat her way through the seven continents.

Amber Creighton

Amber Creighton, Contributing Writer

Aside from writing, Amber has interviewed and produced for tv broadcast which have been featured in NBC COZI TV and FOX 5. Her global travel journalism and international audience following have taken her to the most exotic lands as a diplomatic journalist guest.

Originally from Idaho, Amber is currently from New York but has also lived abroad in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and in Asia. These culturally immersive experiences plus her educational background particularly her graduate studies in Near Eastern and Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of Cambridge have provided her with a unique perspective and approach in her career in journalism.

Lizette Henson-Viloria

Lizette Henson-Viloria, Contributing Writer

Lizette Henson-Viloria is an interior architect based in NYC. She designs high-end residences, hotels and restaurants with the Rockwell Group and had been a Project Leader at Yabupushelberg- an internationally renowned Interior design firm. Her passion for food and design is driven by her curiosity wherever she travels locally and abroad.

Jennifer Sy

Jennifer Sy, Contributing Writer

A wanderlust, Jennifer Sy has a huge passion to see the world. With her sense of adventure, she has backpacked around East Africa, unintentionally found herself in a remote Ugandan village, rafted the While Nile, swam with whale sharks, dove into the deep blue sea in search of Hammerhead sharks.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there, she loves food, and when she travels, she makes it a point to eat where the locals eat be it hole-in-the-wall types or the classiest dining rooms. When not exploring the world, she is Sales and Marketing Director for a manufacturing and distribution company.

Aurora Rose de Crosta

Aurora Rose de Crosta, Contributing Photographer

Aurora Rose de Crosta is a mixed media artist from New York. Aurora graduated from Hunter College with a B.A. in Theatre Production and Creative Writing.

Aurora has worked on many high profile events among them the International Britney Spears- Femme Fatale- Till The World EndsTour. In her free time, Aurora used the incredible travel opportunities of touring to work on her photography. Follow her on Instagram: @aurorarose13 and facebook.com/aurorarose.decrosta.

Marco Guerrero

Marco Guerrero, Contributing Photographer

Marco is a senior director for supply chain at a major health food company. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano and photography. He is also an amazing cook.

Updated: 03.11.2015

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