The vast and beautiful shoreline of chalk cliffs and sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea still remain secluded and divinely peaceful.  The Baltic Sea they say is the next Mediterranean.





by:  Raquel Guerrero


A common treasure along every coastline is the food it has to offer.  Each has its own unique ecological system with a diverse indigenous food web.  In the Baltic Sea’s seaboard it is no different.  There are three outstanding restaurants in Sweden and Denmark where you will experience this region’s endemic flavor definitely worth your visit next time you are there:  DEN GYLDENE FREDEN,  RESTAURANT KOEFOED, and KØDBYENS FISKEBAR.




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DEN GYLDENE FREDEN – Stockholm, Sweden


By land or by sea, Stockholm, Sweden is perhaps the most notable and culturally interesting cities I’ve seen.  As a tourist walking along this historical medieval town, I wanted to experience traditional Swedish cuisine.  The famous gravlax and meatballs came to mind.


Approximately 300 meters from the Royal Palace in Stockholm lies Den Gyldene Freden, a Danish restaurant within the old town of Gamla Stan.  Den Gyldene Freden meaning, “The Golden Peace”, is one of Sweden’s most well-known restaurants and claiming to its name to be the oldest in the world.


More or less unchanged since 1722, it originated as an 18th century tavern and was later transformed into a hotel.  It gained its fame and reputation from famous artists who made their home there.


Today, a previously narrow kitchen has been given more space by incorporating the backyard and is now covered by a glass roof.  The modern roof illuminates the once very dark medieval yard and its walls have been restored now revealing proudly its historical bricks.  Even the furniture has been meticulously restored to its natural  beauty.


Chef Christian Sjödin and Assistant Chef Niklas Roos prepared a sampling of their traditional Swedish specialties.  We started with a selection of Baltic herring which is mostly found in shallow, temperate waters of the Baltic Sea.  These silver darlings are so delicious and good for you.  They were smoked, pickled and served deliciously with pickled cucumber and onion.


Another favorite was the creamy salmon and shrimp tartar with apple salad and horseradish.  This creamy dish made with Nordic shrimps and salmon, lemon and chives is best eaten with slices of toast.


Our traditional favorite, meatballs with cucumber, ligonberries and cream sauce was delectable!  The pungent sweet taste of the ligonberries enhanced the contrasting flavor of the meat.


Beautifully restored, Den Gyldene Freden is a classic that lives up to tradition.  It is not to be missed when traveling through medieval Gamla Stan of Stockholm.


1 1 1  3 1.  STOCKHOLM
PHONE  +4 6  8  5 3 4  8 0  8 4 0
Open lunch and dinner
Average Price Main Meal


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RESTAURANT KOEFOED – Copenhagen, Denmark

At Restaurant Koefoed you get all of Bornholm on a plate.


Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea just off the coast of Denmark.  Known as Scandinavia’s Tuscany, its warm climate, beautiful natural terrain and the Baltic Sea make it suitable to produce top quality and natural ingredients from free range pigs, roosters and lamb to sweet honey, creamy butter, beer, corn and wine.  Its countryside is rich in wild herbs, figs and mulberry.


Restaurant Koefoed takes pride in using sustainable ingredients from Bornholm and has designed their kitchen to create dishes using food gathered from the sunshine isle.


Koefoed’s menu is refined, classic, thoroughly prepared and yet contemporary in its presentation.  Their food is unmistakably fresh,  made from the kitchen table — fresh butter, cheese, bread and juice to name just a few.  It makes you feel at home in a countryside cabin.


The staff is accommodating and thoroughly knowledgeable of the food they serve.  In every detail, in their plates, linens, furniture, as well as in their interior walls and even in their floors; there is coherence in design paying homage to Koefoed’s passion in presenting the whole Bornholm experience.


Our table was readily laden with fresh buttermilk oat and malt fennel bread, both incredibly amazing, served with caramelized butter whipped with buttermilk.  Freshly made cranberry, grape and apple cider juices were thirst quenching and paired wonderfully with the bread.


A tasting menu on a platter, their sampler plate was filled with creamy chicken salad, organic Limousine roast beef with fried crunchy onion and pickles, smoked salmon with smoked cheese and herbs, a warm liver pâté with mushrooms and bacon, and herring with sour cream and capers.  It was an excellent way to sample the amazing specialty foods of Koefoed.   Koefoed’s steak tartar and potatoes with bacon and mayo were equally delicious.


I was thoroughly pleased and impressed with Koefoed’s menu.  The overall experience offered a savoring of honest and clean food.  To say the least, it was an amazing food experience that rendered a taste of Bornholm.


Restaurant Koefoed
Landgreven 3, kld.
DK – 1301 København K
T: +45 56 48 22 24
Average Price Main Meal


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KØDBYENS FISKEBAR  Copenhagen, Denmark


There’s nothing that dresses a room like a crowd!  If you prefer to dress in a black tee and jeans or boldly flash some bling while wearing a pair of Tom Ford shades, then this is the place to be.


KØDBYENS FISKEBAR is a festive seafood restaurant located in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district.  Casual yet chic and sophisticated, this cool eco-friendly seafood raw bar has patrons craving for more!  The industrial environment creates an  aesthetically appealing backdrop for this Danish restaurant.


Rated 1 Michelin star, this exquisite culinary experience features a wide assortment of delectable dishes, notably the langoustine tartar.  The langoustine (a white shellfish also known as scampi) gets your mouth watering as it evokes of the Baltic brine – a most perfect starter for a meal.


The Kodbyens’ Brille is an outstanding choice of rock shrimp served with a variety of sauces from the raw bar menu.  There is a wide selection of the sweetest, freshest oysters to choose from all accompanied by a special vinegar and minced garlic dip that truly excites and heightens the taste.  The blue mussels are equally fresh, sweet and succulent.


For those that prefer turf over surf, the flavorful ribeye at Kodbyens Fiskebar is an unforgettable experience in itself with a taste clearly of the land it grazed upon.  Topped with onion rings and sweet potato mash, the ribeye makes a delicious main course.


If you are visiting Copenhagen, Denmark and are in for seafood, the famous KØDBYENS FISKEBAR is a must.


Den Hvide Kødby, Flaesketorvet
Phone  32155656
Dinner only
Average Price Main Meal




Published : September 23, 2013

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