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Costa Rica: Top 5 Outdoor Family Activities in THE PAPAGAYO PENINSULA



Costa Rica, famous for its varied terrain, offers a whole host of outdoor activities within the confines of a pristine paradise that is surrounded by lush jungles, sprawling mountain ranges, wildlife preserves, waterfalls, and a beautiful coast.


Costa Rica has only two tropical seasons.  The “Gold” season which starts from December to April represents a season with minimal rainfall, thus providing a golden brown landscape. Considered their summer, the climate is warmer, drier and less humid of the two seasons.  If you enjoy a cooler climate, it is preferable to visit during the “Green” season.


The other season, the “Green” Season, aptly described by its name, displays a much deeper green landscape from the moderate rain it receives mostly in the afternoons and evenings.  With this increased precipitation from May to November, visitors enjoy a more tropical rainforest scenery of waterfalls and rivers that are a magnificent sight to see.


One of the most beautiful spots to visit in Costa Rica is the exclusive Peninsula Papagayo located within the northwest province of Guanacaste along the north Pacific coast.  Named a top tourist destination, regardless of the activity you decide to engage yourself in the Papagayo Peninsula, you will be surrounded by outstanding views, and for the most part, right in the thick of nature, untouched by civilization and development.




the Top 5 Outdoor Family Activities in the Papagayo Peninsula.


1.  Golf.  The Papagayo Peninsula has a private 18-hole Arnold Palmer designed golf course which golfers will enjoy because of its challenging and diverse terrain.  The dramatic levels of elevations and views provide a magnificent scene of the Pacific Ocean.


2.  Zip lining.  The canopy at Witch Rock, home to howler monkeys, iguanas, and coatis (the Costa Rican raccoon), makes for a very interesting site for that action-filled family excursion, zip lining.  The Witch’s Rock Canopy Tour offers an incredible zip line experience with 11 stations perfect for a family to enjoy.   Kids as well as adults who venture out for the first time will feel very safe.  The guides, all very professional, encouraging, and supportive, will make sure that you have a most exhilarating experience.


3.  White-water rafting.  Many rivers traverse the Papagayo Peninsula, thus making it a favorite destination for white-water rafting.  You can choose from a relaxing lazy river drift to an intense ride on the rapids that is sure to give you a thrill of excitement.


White-water rafting is best during the Green season when you have the most power of the river rapids and spectacular views of waterfalls.


4.  Kayaking.  Kissed by sea breezes while surrounded by lush tropical forest, kayaking along the Peninsula can take you in search of tortoises living within nearby caves.  Tortoises, iguanas, coatis, and howler monkeys are just some of many exotic creatures that can be found roaming around in the Guanacaste region.  You will hear them and see them in their home and playground, not in a cage behind bars but in their natural habitat.  At night the beaches are filled with millions of hermit crabs! – another sight to see.


5.  Horseback riding.  There is no better way to tour the beautiful back country of Costa Rica than how the natives have done it themselves for many many centuries – on horseback.  The Aromal Ranch will provide you that great cowboy adventure. Family-owned and operated, visitors of this ranch are treated with delicious local snacks and drinks before their horseback ride to the magnificent Marlboro country.


The ultimate year-round adventure destination for all ages, a visit to Costa Rica will surely make everyone in the family one with nature and in tune with pure living.  Here, one learns to say “Pura Vida!“, a common expression in Costa Rica, it means “To relish and appreciate an experience of a lifetime!



Published: June 22, 2013


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