CES 2017 Startups

cover credit CES – Attendees test new technologies at CES 2017
The annual premier tech conference held in Las Vegas is attracting close to 200,000 technologists from all around the world.


CES 2017 Startups

by : Karina Mendoza Calayag



Credit CES

Startups at CES 2017

See the newest ideas, services and tech products from startups across the world that are on display and making a splash at CES 2017. These smaller companies are introducing big ideas and hope to ignite the next exciting tech trend.



Credit CES

Startups Interviews at CES 2017

CES is a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration and offers resources to help get these startups off the ground.
Interview 1: Jeremy Fishel, Syntouch
Interview 2: Alexandria Sage, Reach Robotics
Interview 3: Amir Sharifat
Interview 4: Jerome Pasquet, 10 Vins




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